How to dress on the beach for your vacation?

The holidays arrive and the beach becomes the favorite destination for many, that ideal place to rest, reflect, celebrate and visualize what is coming next year.

We want you to enjoy the salt water, the sand, the breeze, the heat, without worrying too much about choosing your outfit, that's why at Bianchi we want to help you make the best decisions when packing your suitcase, so that you can be practical , versatile and always look beautiful with the indicated pieces.

We recommend a list of essential garments for these holidays, those that will be your best allies to look great without sacrificing freshness and comfort, so necessary in hot climates.
  1. We can never miss a loose dress up to the ankles that lengthens our figure, the blue, coral, soft citron and blueberry colors will make us feel perfect, fashionable and most importantly comfortable to enjoy the thousands of activities that you will surely have in these days.
  2. The skirts are ideal to combine during the day and at night when we do not want to exceed the luggage. We can combine them with flat sandals during the day and discreet accessories, and at night we can wear them with high heels and more striking accessories. Remember that on vacation the most important thing is comfort and enjoying the moment!
  3. The warm, cheerful and strong tones come full for this summer, let's take the opportunity to risk using those colors that we would not wear in our daily activities, you will surely make a difference.
  4. Last but not least, we cannot forget the classic white dress, it will be impeccable for the most formal dinners or celebrations of special dates this summer.
With all these outfits, remember to play with different accessories and dare to put your hair up completely with some, make loose braids and wear it loose at other times.

With our Magnetic Vibes collection you can look as beautiful and fresh as you want and need for your vacation, in it you can select garments to put together looks for elegant dinners, tours, resting on the beach or a delicious brunch by the pool. Ask about this collection in our stores or discover it on our page.

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