City Glam, a universe full of vibrant colors.

Whether it's monochromatic looks or dynamic mixes, Bianchi has applied the joy and optimism we've all been seeing on the world's catwalks. We have created a new installment where orange, pink and green stand out, using differentiated designs and very light raw materials as a canvas that gain unusual attention for this season.

In a very versatile way, we consolidate a harmonious relationship between the exuberance of orange and the majesty of green applied to tops, skirts and dresses, moving between the romantic, the sexy and the irreverent with a lot of charm, turning a discreet and feminine language into a bold and sophisticated speech.

We have been inspired by the so-called Dopamine fashion, which is characterized by appropriating the most striking tones of the color chart, together with colorful prints without a defined shape, where some geometric and organic elements merge, generating a sensation of indeterminate figures that They will make you look unique and resplendent.

This unusual and unconventional speech cannot be recreated without taking into account the base or neutral tones that have been present in several of the collections that we have developed for this last season, such as rosewood, black and Ivory, inevitable colors inside the Bianchi woman's closet, which allows her to recreate different outfits, but with the characteristic of always looking ready and fashionable without much effort.

City Glam, a universe full of vibrant colors.
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