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Article: Outfit for a New Year's Eve party

Outfit para una fiesta de fin de año

Outfit for a New Year's Eve party

The end of the year celebrations are approaching, and as expected we all want to look amazing at that time, so at Bianchi we tell you some tips so that you can combine your clothes and look beautiful, and enjoy with your family and friends.
  • Being a celebration we want to be comfortable, but also elegant, for this we recommend you to wear flexible and light clothes that allow mobility, so you can enjoy the moment of the party in which you want to dance.
  • Elevate your outfits by combining your basic garments such as dresses, midi skirts, blazers, leggings and shirts in black and white.
  • Combine vibrant and striking colors that are in trend such as green, fuchsia, silver or mustard.
  • As it is a New Year's Eve celebration, glitter cannot be missing , we recommend combining this type of garment that has sequins and shiny elements with neutral colors such as white and black.
  • If you want to have a special touch in your outfit , wear dresses with straps , loose sleeves and panties, with transparencies and crossed straps.
  • Don't forget your jeans . Combine a jean with your favorite boots and a black shirt preferably elegant.
  • Wear skirts in bright tones with black and white t-shirts or busos to balance your outfit.
  • Don't miss the accessories! Use accessories such as gold necklaces and earrings to provide that special touch to your look.

Follow these tips to create your perfect look to say goodbye to 2022 and feel beautiful in your meetings as a Bianchi woman.

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